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Can’t find it in QView™ Web? Try this.

By Editor on 10/23/2018

Updated tools launch us further, faster!

By Editor on 7/30/2018

Here at IQMH we have been restructuring and reworking some of the tools we use to get our work done.

Our clients now have a new, enhanced web portal, QView™. The increased functionality in QView Web allows clients better access to multiple site information, bookmarking your most-used folders and more!

Centre for Accreditation

PT Take-away: Proficiency Testing Guide to QView™

By Editor on 6/25/2018
Centre for Proficiency Testing

Attention QView™ users: IQMH is working on enhancing your experience

By Editor on 5/8/2018
On June 1, 2018, a new version of QView™ will go live. Users will expect to see a modern interface with a variety of navigational improvements to help you find what you’re looking for easily and intuitively.


Server Shutdown - QView™ and will be unavailable for two hours March 14

By Editor on 3/13/2018 and websites will be unavailable on Wednesday, March 14 from 10:00 to 12:00 ET noon due to server preventive maintenance. Please make appropriate work-related arrangements in order to accommodate the server shut down.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

PT Take-away: QView™ navigation for Centre for Proficiency Testing clients

By Editor on 8/28/2017

QView™ is IQMH’s secure document server, accessible from: Only IQMH proficiency testing and accreditation clients have access to this password-protected site. PT participants use QView™ often during the course of a PT survey. Here are some tips and reminders to ensure that you are getting the most out of QView™. The PT Guide to is a detailed instruction manual that will provide participants with information on everything from logging in to QView™ to submitting results and reviewing survey reports.

Centre for Proficiency Testing
pt take-away

PT Take-away: QView™ enhancement for proficiency testing clients: Accessing your performance data

By Editor on 7/27/2017
IQMH has developed functionality to provide our proficiency testing participants with the ability to query and extract their performance data in electronic format. Your performance data include all information available in the survey reports posted on your QView™ site. The purpose of the Proficiency Testing (PT) Performance Query is to allow directors or quality managers to review the data and use it for analysis, as they feel appropriate. We’ve piloted the functionality to several sites and have received valuable positive feedback.
Centre for Proficiency Testing
proficiency testing
pt take-away

QView™ HTML forms enhanced with manual page breaks

By Editor on 7/28/2016

Now you can add additional, temporary manual page breaks to your forms to get more control over the way the forms print.

Centre for Proficiency Testing

PT Take-away: Manage your QView™ notifications at

By Editor on 6/20/2016
PT Take-away

QView™ notifications are typically sent to PT program participants whenever a survey Analysis Worksheet is posted to QView™, when survey reports are available including information about where to find discordant findings forms, if applicable, when Committee Comments are published or when there are changes to a survey.

Centre for Proficiency Testing
pt take-away

Method codes maintenance application in QView™

By Editor on 4/25/2016
Method codes maintenance is the responsibility of each participant and is essential to ensure your laboratory’s results are assessed and that the assessment occurs against the right data group. The Method Codes Maintenance application in QView™ is for your use at any time to review the correctness and completeness of your method information.
Centre for Proficiency Testing
method codes
proficiency testing
survey analysis
testing method


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