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Modify PT Method Codes right on your worksheet

By Editor on 12/3/2018

The latest QView™ Web update brings with it the ability to modify Proficiency Testing Method Codes right from the Analysis Worksheet! You may still use the dedicated Method Code Maintenance screen; however, the methods may be adjusted in a faster, easier and convenient way, right on the worksheet, without the need of another screen to distract you.  And, as a bonus feature, the changes will be shown immediately on the form itself (pending Consultant Technologist review and approval).

Centre for Proficiency Testing
method codes

IQMH Proficiency Testing Program Updates

By Editor on 2/21/2018
Following the annual review of IQMH Proficiency Testing programs by the Centre for Proficiency Testing, the following improvements were implemented:
Centre for Proficiency Testing
discordant findings investigation
method codes
proficiency testing programs

Method codes maintenance application in QView™

By Editor on 4/25/2016
Method codes maintenance is the responsibility of each participant and is essential to ensure your laboratory’s results are assessed and that the assessment occurs against the right data group. The Method Codes Maintenance application in QView™ is for your use at any time to review the correctness and completeness of your method information.
Centre for Proficiency Testing
method codes
proficiency testing
survey analysis
testing method


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