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World Patient Safety Day: Empowering patients in their health care journey

By Editor on 9/14/2023

World Patient Safety DaySeptember 17 marks the World Health Organization (WHO) international initiative, World Patient Safety Day, dedicated to raising awareness about patient safety and promoting actions to improve healthcare practices. This year's theme, "Engaging Patients for Patient Safety," emphasizes the crucial role patients play in ensuring their own safety, and highlights the importance of effective communication, collaboration, and empowerment in healthcare settings.

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Patient Safety
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World Patient Safety Day

World Patient Safety Day

By Editor on 9/17/2021

World Patient Safety DayAnnually on September 17, World Patient Safety Day is marked, bringing together patients, families, caregivers, communities, health workers, health care leaders and policymakers to show their commitment to patient safety. This day of recognition was established in 2019 to enhance understanding of patient safety, increase public engagement in the safety of health care and promote global actions to improve patient safety and reduce patient harm.

Patient Safety
World Patient Safety Day

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