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Age-stratified lithium therapeutic ranges for older adults with bipolar disorder – from awareness to an action plan

By Editor on 9/14/2023
bipolar disorder
clinical chemistry
health care

Elevating the profile of IQMH volunteers

By Editor on 9/14/2023

Dr. Michelle SholzbergIQMH brings together experts in the field of laboratory medicine to elevate confidence in the healthcare system.

The IQMH Proficiency Testing Scientific Committees are composed of physicians, technologists and scientists who provide advice to IQMH regarding the fundamental design of Proficiency Testing surveys and ensure that clinically-relevant selection of challenges and appropriate performance evaluation are developed and implemented each year.

IQMH is grateful for the commitment and support of the medical laboratory community and appreciates all the volunteers who donate their time and valuable expertise to our programs.

It’s our privilege to recognize Michelle Sholzberg, MDCM, FRCPC, MSc. who has served IQMH as a volunteer since 2018.

medical laboratory
Proficiency Testing
Scientific Committees

World Patient Safety Day: Empowering patients in their health care journey

By Editor on 9/14/2023

World Patient Safety DaySeptember 17 marks the World Health Organization (WHO) international initiative, World Patient Safety Day, dedicated to raising awareness about patient safety and promoting actions to improve healthcare practices. This year's theme, "Engaging Patients for Patient Safety," emphasizes the crucial role patients play in ensuring their own safety, and highlights the importance of effective communication, collaboration, and empowerment in healthcare settings.

health care
Patient Safety
World Health Organization
World Patient Safety Day

Mitigating Cyber Security Threats

By Editor on 7/6/2021

CybersecurityThe increase in cybercrime in not uncommon in the current climate; particularly the hijacking of a corporation or an organization’s network being held ransom for a payout via ransomware. What may seem surprising is that the focus of cyber criminals is not always large corporations. In fact, there is a growing trend in health care organizations and systems being targeted. One recent example is the attack on the Health Service Executive of Ireland in May 2021, which affected both national and local systems that are involved in all core services.

Proficiency Testing
PT news

Mental Health Resources for Healthcare Professionals

By Editor on 1/20/2021

Mental Health ResourcesHave you been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

As frontline healthcare workers with increasing demands in the workplace, attention to mental health is as important now as ever before. Empowering yourself with the tools to maintain a healthy mindset can benefit overall social, emotional, and psychological wellbeing.

Centre for Education
frontline worker
healthy living
mental health
mental health awareness
self care

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