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Action toward health equity in Canadian health care

By Editor on 2/28/2023

Black History MonthDiscrimination against racialized communities, specifically Black people, is deeply entrenched and normalized in Canadian institutions, policies, and practices and often goes unseen to those who are not affected.

black history month
Canadian health care
health equity
Ours to Tell

Sickle Cell Disease – Effects and Prevalence

By Editor on 2/22/2023

Black History MonthSickle cell disease (SCD) is the most commonly inherited single gene disorder among millions of people worldwide. This hereditary red cell disorder affects individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds, i.e., Mediterranean, African, Caribbean, Middle East, South America, and South Asian. In Ontario, over 3500 people are affected by SCD with a total of more than 6,000 Canadians; predominantly in individuals who identify as Black.

black history month
Proficiency Testing
red cell disorders
sickle cell disease

Diabetes risk factors and treatment in Black Canadians

By Editor on 2/9/2023

Black History MonthThe prevalence of diabetes among Black Canadian adults is over two times the rate than in White Canadians.

Specifically, Type 2 diabetes in Black Canadians is caused by genetics, but also in part by social and environmental factors.

black history month
Diabetes Canada
health care
health care equality

Black History Month 2023: Ours to Tell

By Editor on 2/1/2023
black history month
Canadian health care
Ours to Tell

Black History Month: February and Forever

By Editor on 2/1/2022
black history month
diversity and inclusion
equity and representation

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