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Mental Health Week 2024: Compassion Connects

By Editor on 5/6/2024

IQMH is joining the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) to raise awareness for Mental Health Week from May 6–12. Mental health plays a significant role in shaping many aspects of life and the overall well-being of an individual.

mental health week

National Volunteer Week 2024: Every Moment Matters

By Editor on 4/15/2024

This National Volunteer Week, from April 14–20, IQMH acknowledges each of the Proficiency Testing Scientific Committees that consist of volunteer members, including laboratory physicians, scientists, and medical laboratory technologists.

National Volunteer Week

National Medical Laboratory Week 2024: Behind Every Patient

By Editor on 4/14/2024

From April 14–20, IQMH is joining the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) to celebrate National Medical Laboratory Week. This week highlights the indispensable contributions of Medical Laboratory Professionals (MLPs) in the health care system.


National Medical Laboratory Week

World Health Day 2024: My health, my right

By Editor on 4/7/2024

Today, April 7th, the World Health Organization celebrates World Health Day, an annual global event dedicated to raising awareness about the significance of individuals’ health and well-being.

World Health Day
World Health Organization

International Women’s Day 2024: Inspire Inclusion

By Editor on 3/8/2024

On International Women’s Day IQMH would like to recognize the contributions and achievements of women in health care.

IQMH celebrates 50 years of excellence

By Editor on 2/14/2024

For half a century, IQMH has played a crucial role in actively advocating for and supporting quality laboratory services. IQMH promotes laboratory competence and enables the active detection of underlying and emerging issues. The internationally-recognized Proficiency Testing programs at IQMH allow health care providers to have confidence in accurate laboratory results enabling them to deliver safe, high-quality care.

Antimicrobial Resistance in Common Hospital Pathogens in Ontario: Annual Laboratory and Hospital Survey Report 2022

By Editor on 2/7/2024

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) poses a serious threat to patient safety and worldwide public health. The diminishing effectiveness of current antimicrobials, including antibiotics, antivirals, and antifungals, against resistant organisms is a major concern. Infections acquired in health care settings contribute to prolonged hospital stays, higher mortality rates, and increased utilization of health care resources.

World Cancer Day 2024

By Editor on 2/4/2024

World Cancer Day 2024According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada primarily due to aging and the growth of the population.

Black History Month 2024 – Black Excellence: A Heritage to Celebrate; a Future to Build.

By Editor on 2/1/2024

Black History Month provides an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions and achievements of Black communities in health care. This includes the countless contributions made by Black individuals within the health care sector, who have played a vital role in advancing medical research, improving patient care, and promoting health equity.

Bell Let’s Talk Day 2024: Take meaningful action to create positive change

By Editor on 1/24/2024

Bell Let's TalkDid you know according to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, 500,000 Canadians are unable to work due to struggles with their mental health?

A closer look at the potential impact of emerging therapies

By Editor on 11/24/2023

A closer look at the potential impact of emerging therapiesThe IQMH Bone Marrow surveys allow IQMH to share a variety of interesting and educational cases, which promotes quality improvement through inter-laboratory comparison of participants’ responses and provides an external reference for a facility’s own quality assurance purposes.

Fostering inclusive language in medical diagnostics to promote safer care for all

By Editor on 11/22/2023

Fostering inclusive language in medical diagnostics to promote safer care for allAt the 2023 Ontario Society for Clinical Chemists (OSCC) Annual Scientific Meeting, IQMH's Scientific Committee members, Danijela Konforte and Lei Fu, shared insights from the 2022 Chemistry patterns-of-practice survey, exploring current trends in pre-analytical and analytical practices related to alcohol, volatiles, and urine drug testing gathered from 197 licensed clinical laboratories across Ontario. The presentation delved into the changes and trends observed since IQMH’s 2011 Toxicology Guidelines prompting a meaningful roundtable discussion led by Consultant Technologist, Alex Kumaritakis.

Become a Proficiency Testing Pathology Assessor

By Editor on 11/20/2023

Become a Proficiency Testing Pathology Assessor  The Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare, Proficiency Testing, is seeking pathologists skilled in the assessment of histological and immunohistochemical stains to serve as assessors for the Pathology Proficiency Testing Program.

Capacity building and education through proficiency testing

By Editor on 11/16/2023

Capacity building and education through proficiency testingIn 2023, IQMH conducted a focused questionnaire investigating the landscape of Anti-Nuclear Antibody/Anti-Cell Antibody (ANA/ACA) testing across Canadian laboratories.

Canadian Patient Safety Week 2023: Small Changes. Big Impact. Safer Care

By Editor on 10/23/2023

Canadian Patient Safety WeekFrom October 23 –27, IQMH recognizes Canadian Patient Safety Week to inspire improvements in health care safety and quality. Healthcare Excellence Canada collaborates with patients and partners, and leads this annual campaign to advance improvements and changes to enable everyone in Canada to have safe, effective, and high-quality health care.

Canadian Patient Safety Week
Healthcare Excellence Canada
Patient Safety
Safer Care

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