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Module 08: Internal Audit and Management Review

Internal audits can help your lab prepare for an accreditation assessment visit, management reviews are an invaluable tool for identifying opportunities for improvement. In this module you will learn how to conduct internal audits and management reviews. You can expect to gain:
  • An in-depth knowledge of internal audits and management reviews
  • An action plan for conducting an internal audit and management review
  • Tips on following up on internal audits and management reviews
Bonus Material
  • Sample Internal Audit Process PDF
  • Readiness Workbook
  • Coaching Tips
  • Sample Internal Audit and Management Review Agenda
Key Content
  1. Types of Audits
  2. Benefits of Internal Audits
  3. Internal Audit Process
  4. Planning an Internal Audit
  5. Choosing an Audit Team
  6. Creating an Audit Agenda
  7. Creating an Audit Checklist
  8. Performing an Internal Audit
  9. Follow-up after the Audit
  10. Keeping Audit Records
  11. Definition of a Management Review
  12. Planning a Management Review
  13. Creating a Management Review Agenda
  14. The Inputs of a Management Review
  15. Conducting the Meeting
  16. The Outputs following a Management Review
  17. Keeping Management Review Records

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