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Module 03: Setting the Stage for Change

This module will help you prepare your staff and management for ISO 15189 accreditation and to accept the change it entails. Course material will help you set your change management plan in place. What you can expect to gain:
  • A 10-step plan to start down the road to ISO 15189 accreditation
  • Practical tips on how to sell the concept of 15189 accreditation to top management
  • Advice on how to sell the concept to staff
Bonus Material

Download documents that can help you prepare for accreditation and set the stage for change
  • Ten Steps on the Road to Accreditation PDF
  • Presentation to Top Management PowerPoint
  • Sample Project Charter
  • Readiness Workbook
  • Video Coaching Tips
Key Content
  1. What is a Quality Management System
  2. To Err is Human
  3. Good People Working in Poor Systems
  4. Two Approaches to the Problem of Human Fallibility
  5. 10 Steps to Success
  6. The Project Charter
  7. Taking Your Message to Top Management
  8. Selling Quality Management to Staff
  9. Juran: Changing to a Quality Culture

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