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PT Take-Away: Enrolment in IQMH Transfusion Medicine Proficiency Testing program includes a value-added educational component

By Editor on 11/21/2019

The IQMH Centre for Proficiency Testing has published a document for participants in the Transfusion Medicine proficiency testing program. Review – Crossmatching, developed  by members of the IQMH Transfusion Medicine Scientific Committee, summarizes the current scientific literature regarding crossmatching. The document will be reviewed and updated periodically for continued relevance.

Centre for Proficiency Testing
pt take-away
transfusion medicine

PT Take-away: Learn the new process for ordering your Serum Chemistry (CHEM) survey

By Editor on 8/19/2019

The release of the 2020 Proficiency Testing Programs included changes to the Chemistry survey. The new Serum Chemistry (CHEM) survey consists of analytes that were previously in the Routine Chemistry (CHEM), Drug Monitoring (DRUG), Enzymes and Bilirubin (ENZY), and Lipids (LIPS) surveys, except ethanol and tobramycin which have been removed from the program. The following new analytes have also been added: cholinesterase, CK-MB, fructosamine. Participants can now customize their surveys according to their laboratory’s test menus (serum chemistry only). Choose from a large variety of analytes and pick from several price categories that suit your laboratory’s needs. 

2020 PT Testing Program
Centre for Proficiency Testing
PT programs
pt take-away

PT Take-Away: How do I upload files to QView™?

By Editor on 4/23/2019

As a participant in an IQMH Centre for Proficiency Testing (PT) program, you may be asked to submit documents to IQMH related to your participation in a PT survey or as part of a discordant findings’ investigation (DFI) including any follow-up information.

Centre for Proficiency Testing
pt take-away

PT Take-away: Important Reminder for QView Super Site Administrators (SSA)

By Editor on 11/21/2018

In preparation for the 2019 year, the Centre for Proficiency Testing would like to remind program participants that you are in control of your QView™ account. If you are a QView™ account holder, you can manage your displayed name, email address, password and email subscriptions in your profile settings.


Centre for Accreditation
pt take-away

PT Take-Away: Customer feedback leads to Lean improvements in Material Replacement or Retest Request Form and invoicing process

By Editor on 8/14/2018

At IQMH we value feedback from our participants as we know your comments will shine a light on opportunities for quality improvement.

Centre for Proficiency Testing
pt take-away
quality improvement

Discordant Findings Investigation follow-up process updated

By Editor on 4/25/2018
In support of continual improvement, the process to obtain additional information in discordant findings investigations (DFI) has been changed to simplify communication between IQMH and participants.
Centre for Proficiency Testing
discordant findings investigation
pt take-away

PT Take-away: Change to Action Rule A0 for Discordant Findings Investigation

By Editor on 2/8/2018
Centre for Proficiency Testing
discordant findings investigation
pt take-away

PT Take-away: PT Participant Satisfaction Survey coming November 30, 2017

By Editor on 11/28/2017

A goal of the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH) is to provide our participants with the best possible service. In 2014, IQMH Centre for Proficiency Testing reached out to participating laboratories to obtain feedback on how we could improve our communication with laboratories, and the feedback we received was of great value. The purpose of this 2017 survey is to determine if the improvements we implemented continue to add value to our participants and to seek feedback to continually improve our services.

Centre for Proficiency Testing
customer satisfaction survey
customer service
pt take-away

PT Take-away: Returning Proficiency Testing survey slides to IQMH

By Editor on 10/26/2017

IQMH Cytopathology (CYTO) and Bone Marrow (BONE) Proficiency Testing surveys are rotational slide-based surveys where slides are provided to each participant for a specified period. Slides are shipped to a group of participants, returned to IQMH and then shipped to the next group of participants. 

Centre for Proficiency Testing
pt take-away
testing materials

New! The 2018 Proficiency Testing Programs for Ontario-licensed facilities

By Editor on 9/19/2017
2018 PT programs
2018 PT surveys
Centre for Proficiency Testing
proficiency testing
PT programs
pt take-away


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