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IQMH presents scientific poster at the XXXII International Symposium on Technical Innovations in Laboratory Hematology

By Editor on 5/29/2019
bone marrow
Centre for Proficiency Testing

IQMH presents scientific poster at EuroMedLab Barcelona 2019

By Editor on 5/29/2019
Poster - IFCC CongressEuroMedLab Barcelona 2019 was held in Barcelona, Spain May 19–23. This was the 23th IFCC-EFLM European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine hosted by the Spanish Society of Laboratory Medicine (SEQCML). EuroMedLab Barcelona 2019 offered several days of stimulating scientific sessions including plenary lecture, symposia, education workshops and poster sessions with 1560 abstracts. 
Centre for Proficiency Testing
drugs of abuse

PT Take-Away: How do I upload files to QView™?

By Editor on 4/23/2019

As a participant in an IQMH Centre for Proficiency Testing (PT) program, you may be asked to submit documents to IQMH related to your participation in a PT survey or as part of a discordant findings’ investigation (DFI) including any follow-up information.

Centre for Proficiency Testing
pt take-away

Antimicrobial resistance in common hospital pathogens in Ontario: Annual Survey Report 2017

By Editor on 4/3/2019

Public Health Ontario (PHO), in partnership with the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH), has published its annual laboratory and hospital survey report on antimicrobial resistance in common hospital pathogens in Ontario.

antimicrobial resistance
Centre for Proficiency Testing
Public Health Ontario

Leaning the submission process for IQMH Cytogenetics (GENE) PT surveys

By Editor on 3/21/2019

With a focus on continual improvement, the IQMH Genetics Scientific Committee has reviewed and revised the survey instructions and submission requirements for supporting documentation for GENE proficiency testing (PT) surveys. These changes will be implemented for the GENE-1904-CG survey. On the GENE analysis worksheet, the Reporting Instructions, Submission Instructions and Submission Requirements sections have been rewritten to clarify expectations for the survey.

Centre for Proficiency Testing
proficiency testing

IQMH Patterns-of-Practice Survey: Prenatal and Perinatal Cytogenetics Testing March 2019

By Editor on 2/22/2019

The GENE-1903-PP patterns-of-practice survey will be available to Ontario laboratories licensed for cytogenetics testing as well as cytogenetics laboratories across Canada. Analysis worksheets will be posted in the Active Forms and Worksheets section of QView™ March 4, 2019. The due date for the survey is March 15, 2019, midnight.

Centre for Proficiency Testing
patterns-of-practice survey

PT Take-Away: New temperature monitoring strips

By Editor on 12/18/2018

Starting in January 2019, IQMH will be implementing the new WarmMark® Short run temperature monitoring strips for Proficiency Testing surveys that require temperature monitoring.

Centre for Proficiency Testing
PT User Information
temperature monitoring

Modify PT Method Codes right on your worksheet

By Editor on 12/3/2018

The latest QView™ Web update brings with it the ability to modify Proficiency Testing Method Codes right from the Analysis Worksheet! You may still use the dedicated Method Code Maintenance screen; however, the methods may be adjusted in a faster, easier and convenient way, right on the worksheet, without the need of another screen to distract you.  And, as a bonus feature, the changes will be shown immediately on the form itself (pending Consultant Technologist review and approval).

Centre for Proficiency Testing
method codes

Congratulations to the IQMH Centre for Proficiency Testing

By Editor on 10/31/2018

IQMH is pleased to announce that the Centre for Proficiency Testing has successfully completed the A2LA evaluation process and has been found to meet the ISO/IEC 17043:2010 Conformity assessment — General requirements for proficiency testing

Centre for Proficiency Testing


Institute for Quality
Management in Healthcare

1500-393 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 1E6





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