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Course Offers in October at the IQMH Office

By Editor on 9/30/2019
October 21, 2019

A one-day seminar focused on helping medical laboratory professionals develop a quality indicator program that is collaborative, has clear purpose and adds tangible value. Setting quality indicators can become a task that is done without reflection, engagement and clear goals. This seminar will begin with an exploration of the true purpose of quality indicators and will take the participant step-by-step through a new approach to quality indicator use that is fluid and ensures each indicator is chosen with a clear intention to drive tangible improvements.

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October 25, 2019

Redesigned and expanded in 2018, this one-day seminar clarifies how to create documents and how to control them. Beginning with a powerful exercise in policy creation, we will systematically illustrate how to transform that policy into intent with valuable flow charts, step-by-step procedures and form templates. Next, we will provide expert advice on how to create a documentation structure that allows those working in your service to find documents quickly. We will then show how to control those documents to create a document structure for staff that is logical and reliable. Participants will return to their workplace with valuable templates, tools, and tips to manage the vast array of documentation needed for a laboratory or diagnostic imaging service, and to meet IQMH or ISO 15189 requirements.

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