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Revision to IQMH Transfusion Medicine Requirement VI.1 – TM042

By Editor on 1/28/2019

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Scenario: Small community hospital, patient requiring transfusion with no historical records on file and no 'positive patient identification technology' available. MLT is on shift alone. MLT collects the pre-transfusion blood on the patient. As per CSA standards, a second check of the ABO group is to be performed by testing a second current sample - from a SEPARATE COLLECTION. What value is there in collecting a second sample from a second collection when it will be the same phlebotomist collecting the sample? Is it not acceptable to have a second person (RN, physician) positively identify the patient at the time of collection of the first sample - and have this documented? If no, why not?


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Our laboratories have started to draft an action plan to meet the updated CSA requirement. I would agree with Deanna Goyette's comment. In our discussions thus far, the smaller labs will struggle to meet this and the same technologist or nurse will need to poke the patient twice. Also, another expected risk is that the group O blood will be depleted much more rapidly due to the lack of computerized patient identification - needing two separate collections to give group specific which will not always be possible.


Thank you Coleen. Your feedback has been forwarded to the Centre for Accreditation.

I suspect that it would be acceptable in the above mentioned scenarios ie: small facilities, same phlebotomist, etc, to record it as a deviation from SOP with the Lab Directors directive. Our transportation issues with CBS, along with the constant shortage of O negative/group O cells would only get worse if we were to use only O on a larger portion of our patients.


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