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Cause Analysis with Clarity – A Big Hit with Participants

By Editor on 12/4/2018
Earlier this year, IQMH unveiled a new two-day course offering titled “Cause Analysis with Clarity – Medical Lab.

Our goal with this two-day in-class course is to tie together cause analysis processes that may be disparate in some organizations or confusing to some individuals. For example, many laboratories have distinctly separate processes for proficiency testing discordant findings, accreditation findings, safety incidents, complaints and patient occurrences/near misses. This seminar will tie these together and link them to one fundamental approach so that cause analysis is done systematically, consistently, completely and ultimately leads to improvements and mitigation of risk. Delivery techniques utilize real examples to illustrate the concepts presented, combined with case studies that allow the participants to apply the skills learned. 

To date, 60 individuals have completed this course. We held two sessions at IQMH, one in St. John’s Newfoundland, and one in Stratford Ontario.  

Stratford, Ontario “Cause Analysis with Clarity” class photo

Our participants have provided the following testimonials on the value of this course:

I found the course to be very useful in two ways. For those not aware of the process for cause analysis, it was a great way for them to understand the process and why we take the steps we do. For those of us involved in cause analysis on a regular basis, it provided a great overall review and provide ideas to bring efficiency and effectiveness to our own cause analysis processes.

Thank you for doing such a fabulous job with this cause analysis course.  I am already applying my learning with a problem we have been having within our lab.

Very useful, informative and interesting course.

I found this course very helpful with regards to explaining the steps needed to find root cause and the actions taken to prevent them from recurring. It was very informative and the group activities were also helpful in engaging the participants to share any knowledge that they may have.

The Cause Analysis with Clarity course was the icing on top of the other IQMH courses I have completed, including Internal Auditing and Risk Management. It clearly demonstrated how incident management and risk marries with cause analysis. IQMH simplifies the process to identify the actual problem(s) and initiate meaningful process changes. Excellent course.

The material consolidated knowledge I have learned over my time as a manager from different sources and brought it all together in a step by step process.

Being from a small hospital I seem to “wear many hats”; these tools are required for performing my functions within my organization.

I will be using the course material in future to assist my co-workers and to find the correct causes to errors, coming from a point of view of curiosity, and working to put in place solutions to assist all staff from making similar mistakes where ever possible.

The two days of lecture, discussion and attendees group sessions was invaluable.

Learning a more focused way to help solve a problem/occurrence that can and do occur in our lab world. The course has given me a better understanding of the tools I can use to define, analyze and measure the non conformance to improve and control process problems and their causes.

Thank you for the opportunity to step into a new role with functional tools to bring improvement to our lab.

The format was a practical step-by-step process that worked well in a group setting through interaction and discussion.

The course is scheduled to be offered in Toronto at IQMH on the following dates in 2019. Registration will open soon:

  • April 8–9
  • June 5–6
  • Sept 23–24
  • Nov 28–29

Participants hard at work, November 2018, Toronto

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