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Updates to QTrak™ – coming soon!

By Editor on 7/28/2020

Accredited medical laboratories are required to participate in formal interlaboratory comparison. The Centre for Accreditation monitors medical laboratory participation and performance in these schemes on an ongoing basis using QTrak™, a web application in our extranet (QView™) through which laboratories provide evidence of participation and performance in proficiency testing (PT)/external quality assessment (EQA) programs. Participants enrolled in PT monitoring programs, log in to QTrak™ with their username and password to enter information on their facility’s PT provider or alternative assessment procedure. Since the launch of QTrak™ in 2011, we’ve received invaluable feedback from our users and now QTrak™ has gone through an upgrade. As this accreditation cycle ends, QTrak™ Version 3 will be rolled out and participants will see the new application as they enter the next accreditation cycle.

What can you expect to see with this new application?

The ability to reflect your laboratory’s true scope of testing more accurately.

  • Tests that are done in the laboratory and point-of-care testing will be reportable.

  • Tests that are done on multiple sample types will be reportable.

  • Tests that are not directly reflected by name but are within one L code will be reportable.

  • Identifying the area(s) within the hospital that maintain a point-of-care device will be reportable.

New QTrak™ forms

All clients who had QTrak™ forms that were in some state of completion still have their forms. You will see the new version of QTrak™ after this cycle ends, possibly not until late 2021.

For all clients with QTrak™ forms that had no data in them, please note that they have been removed from QView™ in order to make way for the new forms that are coming.

Good news! This new application will be able to retain the majority of your input data.

Your subsequent cycles will need to be reviewed for:

  • changes and additions,
  • confirmation of the number of samples assessed in each 12-month period.

For any questions, please contact with the subject line: QTrak™.

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