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CAN/HSO 5064:2020 Suicide Prevention – Public Review

By Editor on 9/28/2020

HSO LogoCAN/HSO 5064:2020 Suicide Prevention – Public Review 



About the Standard 

CAN/HSO 5064:2020 (E) Suicide Prevention standard provides evidence-informed guidance for system partners and PCTs working under a defined health system to enable cross-collaboration and integration of suicide prevention programs and services across a health system and throughout the continuum of care. The revised standard aims to:  

  • Expand the scope of the original Suicide Prevention ROP, beyond comprehensive screening and assessment to include the co-design and cross-collaborative delivery of system-wide, integrated suicide prevention programs and services. 
  • Address the need for more integrated suicide prevention efforts across a given health system, and among the system partners and PCTs that deliver these services throughout the continuum of care. 
  • Specify the responsibilities of system partners and PCTs to ensure timely and coordinated delivery of safe and quality suicide prevention programs and services.
  • Outline what clients and families can expect from system partners and PCTs when seeking suicide prevention care and services. 
  • Outline how to deliver suicide prevention programs and services, through virtual means, providing system partners and PCTs with guidance.

The revised standard contains several updated criteria, including those related to the health system and its role in convening a suicide prevention network; how system partners can collaboratively co-design and deliver services across the suicide prevention network; and how PCTs work together to enable the timely delivery of these services (including comprehensive screening, assessment and care planning) at any point in the client’s care journey and in any setting of care.

Tell us what you think 

We are asking those who have an interest in this standard, such as people who have experience with related services, service providers or others that have expertise in this area, for their views on the proposed standard. 

If you know others who may be interested in providing input on the standard, we invite you to forward this email to them. 

Thank you for your consideration,
Health Standards Organization (HSO)

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