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Just published! New Biotin Interference e‑Learn LAB Module

By Editor on 7/21/2020

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  • Self-test your knowledge by reviewing material previously only available to survey participants.
  • Benefit from current discussion points from IQMH scientific committees.
  • Brush-up on disciplines you no longer work in.
  • Organize group lunch-and-learn sessions and work on the cases together.
  • Complete each module in as little as 15 minutes.
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New Endocrinology section with a narrated e-Learn LAB module on Biotin Interference

We’ve created a new Endocrinology e-Learn LAB section in anticipation of future e-Learn LAB modules with a focus on endocrinology. We’re excited to offer the first module that is relevant to both Endocrinology and Immunology on the topic of biotin interference. It also included voice narration.

e-Learn LAB Biotin Interference

e-Learn LAB Biotin Interference


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