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IQMH Centre for Accreditation has been rebranded as Accreditation Canada Diagnostics. The IQMH Centre for Education and Echocardiography (EQI) services are also part of this transfer.

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Care Considerations for Inclusion of Gender Diversity within Medical Laboratory Services

This document is intended to provide guidance for medical laboratory professionals and laboratory collection centre personnel on the ethical, scientific and clinical challenges for the appropriate care of patient populations with diverse gender identities along the path of the laboratory process.

The Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH), an affiliate of Health Standards Organization (HSO) is a not-for-profit organization united by a vision for safer care and a healthier world. Our people-centered programs and services have been setting the bar for quality across the health ecosystem for more than 60 years. We continue to grow in our reach and impact.


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