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Quality Management Blueprint for Diagnostic Imaging (January 17-18, 2018)

Quality Management Blueprint for Diagnostic Imaging Leaders

Target Audience
Diagnostic imaging leaders.

January 17–18, 2018

IQMH office, 393 University Avenue, Suite 1500

$865 (+tax)
Promotional price: $595 (+tax)

A two-day in-person workshop to provide a blueprint for the effective implementation of a quality management system. It is intended for leaders or directors of a diagnostic medicine service who want to elevate their quality management system. 

We will ensure you leave us confidently knowing how the key components of a QMS fit together, why they are essential, and perhaps most importantly, how to get started on implementing them in your imaging service. We will show you exactly how to elevate your service to world-class standards.

Institute for Quality
Management in Healthcare

1500-393 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1E6 Canada





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