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Module 09: Quality Indicators

ISO 15189 is designed to help you continually improve your lab processes. By defining, measuring and analyzing quality indicators you will be able to identify areas for improvement and reach new heights of excellence. With this module you can expect to gain:
  • An understanding of the quality indicators you need to measure
  • An action plan for collecting data
  • Tools for analyzing results
Bonus Material
  • Readiness Workbook
  • Coaching Tips
  • Special Cause and Common Cause Variation PDF
Key Content
  1. Definition of a Quality Indicator
  2. Linking Indicators to Strategy
  3. Selection of Indicators
  4. Pre-Analytical Indicators
  5. Analytical Indicators
  6. Post-Analytical Indicators
  7. Quality System Indicators
  8. Patient Outcome Indicators
  9. Creating a Data Collection Plan
  10. How to Collect Data
  11. Attribute and Variable Data
  12. Setting Targets
  13. Analysis of Data
  14. Identifying Variables
  15. Use of Pareto Charts
  16. Uncovering Patterns with Data Analysis
  17. Histograms and Scatter Diagrams
  18. Responding to the Data
  19. Reducing Variation
  20. Sharing the Data
  21. Laboratory Case Study

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