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Module 07: Occurrence Management

Occurrence management, also known as the management of nonconformities is a critical component of a quality management system. Continual improvement is the primary goal of quality management, and the heart of continual improvement is responding effectively to opportunities for improvement. This module will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to address nonconformities through remedial action, root cause analysis and corrective or preventive action. Expect to gain:
  • Tips on how to identify nonconformities
  • A guide to addressing nonconformities
  • Instructions on using cumulative nonconformity data to drive improvement
Bonus Material
  • Decoding Clause 4.9.1 PDF
  • Identification and Control of Nonconformities PDF
  • Readiness Workbook
  • Coaching Tips
  • Key Content
    1. Definition of a Nonconformity
    2. Identifying Nonconformities
    3. Latent and Active Errors
    4. Remedial Actions
    5. Auditing to Determine the Extent of a Problem
    6. Root Cause Analysis
    7. Corrective Action
    8. Preventive Action
    9. Tools for Data Analysis
      • Pareto charts
      • Fishbone Diagrams
      Tools for Improving Processes
        Mistake Proofing
      • Six Sigma
      • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
      • Reporting Back to the Customer

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