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Module 05: The Quality Manual

This module will help you design a quality manual — your roadmap to your quality management system. Explore the pros and cons of several different frameworks for designing a quality manual. You can expect to gain:
  • An understanding of what comprises a quality manual
  • Options for a quality manual framework
  • Tips for surviving an audit
Bonus Material:
  • Sample Quality Manuals
  • Readiness Workbook
  • Video Coaching Tips
Key Content
  1. What is a Quality Manual
  2. Conformance with ISO 15189
  3. Processes and Their Interaction
  4. The Purpose of a Quality Manual
  5. Writing the Manual
  6. Creating the Basic Framework
  7. Writing a Policy
  8. Quality Policy
  9. Example Quality Manual
  10. Surviving the Audit

Institute for Quality
Management in Healthcare

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Toronto, Ontario M5G 1E6 Canada





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