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Module 02: Quality Management

This module will provide you with an introduction to the concept of quality management systems. With this module, you will:
  • Create a working definition of a quality management system that fits with your needs
  • Acquire an understanding of the four key components of a quality management system
  • Gain insight into the most common problems medical laboratories face in implementing a quality management system
Bonus Material
  • Definition of a Quality Management System PDF
  • Documenting Your System PDF
  • Four components of a QMS PDF
  • Sample Quality Policy PDF
  • The Deming Cycle Process PDF
  • The Quality Manager Primer PDF
  • Audio Coaching Tips
  • Video Coaching Tips
Key Content
  1. Definition of a Quality Management System
  2. The Deming Cycle
  3. Four Key Components of a Quality Management System
  4. Key Responsibilities of a Quality Manager
  5. Management Responsibilities
  6. Documenting Your System
  7. The Quality Policy Statement
  8. An Introduction to the Quality Manual
  9. Resource Management
  10. Service Realization
  11. Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

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