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Accreditation to ISO 15189 by the Centre for Accreditation is a mark of excellence recognized around the world. We assess the ability of a facility to perform medical testing or the collection of specimens with formal recognition of this competence through accreditation to our ISO 15189 Plus™ requirements. It also provides facilities with the tools they need to standardize their processes, address diminishing resources and set a quality benchmark.

Appropriate PT/EQA Providers

Accredited medical laboratories are required to participate in formal interlaboratory comparison schemes (see acceptable program criteria below) where available and appropriate, for all examinations included in the scope of accreditation.

IQMH monitors medical laboratory participation and performance in these schemes on an on-going basis.
Formal interlaboratory comparison (PT/EQA) schemes that are acceptable to IQMH meet these criteria:

  • must provide challenges of undisclosed assay value or content;
  • must provide evaluation of the laboratory performance on submitted results, e.g. provide comparison of results for like methods and different methods with a score and/or judgement of performance; and
  • must provide a minimum of four sample challenges in a 12-month period. It is the responsibility of the laboratory director to ensure that the testing schedule adequately challenges test performance.

Laboratories should contact the provider regarding the individual program(s) of interest, in order to determine that it meets the above criteria. Providers who wish to be added to the lists of approved providers should complete the application form. 

Become an approved PT Provider.

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