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PT Take-Away: Interpretation of the new Proficiency Testing Chemistry survey reports

By Editor on 2/20/2020

One of the most significant changes in 2020 is the redesign of the Proficiency Testing (PT) Chemistry program. A summary of changes to the Serum and Urine Chemistry surveys can be seen in Table 1.

The first Urine Chemistry survey of the year is now closed, and completely redesigned survey reports will be provided to participants. An instruction document has been created to guide participants in interpreting the new survey reports. Participants are encouraged to read the document, Instruction - Interpretation of Proficiency Testing Survey Reports - CHEM, which is available in QView.

2020 PT Testing Program
Centre for Proficiency Testing
survey reports

Important Changes to IQMH Chemistry and Endocrinology Proficiency Testing Surveys in 2020

By Editor on 11/29/2019

Attention: Chemistry and Endocrinology Proficiency Testing (PT) Participants

2020 PT Testing Program
Centre for Proficiency Testing
proficiency testing programs

Call for IQMH Committee Applications 2020-2022

By Editor on 11/18/2019

IQMH is seeking a volunteer to sit on its Proficiency Testing Scientific Committee, effective January 1, 2020.   Membership on committees consists of a three-year term of office, renewable once. Committees meet an average of four times a year for half-day or full-day meetings.


    Centre for Proficiency Testing
    Scientific Committee

    PT Take-away: Learn the new process for ordering your Serum Chemistry (CHEM) survey

    By Editor on 8/19/2019

    The release of the 2020 Proficiency Testing Programs included changes to the Chemistry survey. The new Serum Chemistry (CHEM) survey consists of analytes that were previously in the Routine Chemistry (CHEM), Drug Monitoring (DRUG), Enzymes and Bilirubin (ENZY), and Lipids (LIPS) surveys, except ethanol and tobramycin which have been removed from the program. The following new analytes have also been added: cholinesterase, CK-MB, fructosamine. Participants can now customize their surveys according to their laboratory’s test menus (serum chemistry only). Choose from a large variety of analytes and pick from several price categories that suit your laboratory’s needs. 

    2020 PT Testing Program
    Centre for Proficiency Testing
    PT programs
    pt take-away

    IQMH presents scientific poster at EuroMedLab Barcelona 2019

    By Editor on 5/29/2019
    Poster - IFCC CongressEuroMedLab Barcelona 2019 was held in Barcelona, Spain May 19–23. This was the 23th IFCC-EFLM European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine hosted by the Spanish Society of Laboratory Medicine (SEQCML). EuroMedLab Barcelona 2019 offered several days of stimulating scientific sessions including plenary lecture, symposia, education workshops and poster sessions with 1560 abstracts. 
    Centre for Proficiency Testing
    drugs of abuse

    IQMH attends the AACC 2018 Critical and Point-of-Care Testing International Symposium

    By Editor on 10/3/2018

    The American Association of Clinical Chemists’ Critical and Point-of-Care Testing Division and the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine held a symposium September 26–28 in Washington, D.C.: 27th International CPOCT Symposium: The Role of Point-of- Care Testing in the Value-Based Healthcare Landscape. The event was very informative with a focus on the current and future role of point-of-care testing (POCT) in a healthcare environment with an emphasis on value and quality of care.

    Centre for Proficiency Testing
    industry events

    Important notice for Ontario-licensed facilities regarding the 2019 IQMH Centre for Proficiency Testing programs

    By Editor on 9/27/2018
    Ontario-licensed facilities should note that the cost of the following surveys is not funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term care (MOHLTC) mandatory Ontario program:
    Centre for Proficiency Testing
    fetal-maternal hemorrahage
    flow cytometry

    Matrix Effect in Proficiency Testing: What it is and how to investigate

    By Editor on 5/30/2018

    By Julie Shaw, Danijela Konforte, Gayle Waite, and Paul Yip


    Assays, especially those in clinical chemistry, are designed to measure analytes (i.e. the measurand) in the appropriate patient specimens. However, there is the potential for inaccurate analyte measurements when testing materials that are different from patient specimens.  Examples include quality control (QC) material, proficiency testing (PT) material, and other types of patient specimens such as body fluids. 

    Centre for Proficiency Testing
    matrix effect
    proficiency testing

    Bias in the Clinical Laboratory

    By Editor on 1/10/2018

    By: Lianna Kyriakopoulou, Tracy Wade and Paul Yip, on behalf of the IQMH Chemistry Scientific Committee

    Bias is a significant challenge for clinical laboratories that perform numerous quantitative analyses on several analytes that have direct impact on clinical decision making.

    Centre for Proficiency Testing

    Registration is open! OSCC Annual Scientific Meeting 2016 will be held Nov. 2–3

    By Editor on 9/9/2016

    OSCC Annual Scientific Meeting
    The Ontario Society of Clinical Chemists (OSCC) and the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH) are collaborating once again to develop at two-day event focused on Evidenced-based Laboratory Medicine — Harmonization and Beyond.

    Centre for Education
    Centre for Accreditation


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