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IQMH delivers extraordinary IQMH Fall Forum on Innovations in Cancer Diagnostics

By Editor on 11/26/2019

On November 7–8, 2019, IQMH hosted a forum centred  on innovations in cancer diagnostics. It is our belief that live events such as this are a valuable contribution to the sharing of knowledge among laboratory professionals. 

A gathering of diagnostic medicine leaders and professionals who want to elevate themselves, learn, share, network and get excited about diagnostic medicine, an IQMH Forum is never a typical conference. Why? Each event is underpinned with a specific theme and intention to ensure the programme will drive meaningful change and infuse a new outlook on quality. Our aim is to energetically inspire the diagnostic medicine community to overcome barriers and embrace the future. 

These events are an opportunity to:

  • Make in-person connections with others and learn in a new environment
  • Invest in your professional and personal growth
  • Listen to and interact with experts carefully selected to speak on the chosen theme
  • Expand your knowledge in your discipline and beyond
  • Dig deeper into a topic of interest
  • Enjoy diverse presentations at a variety of levels
  • Spark an interest in new topics 
  • Earn professional development hours
  • Be inspired and feel genuinely empowered to effect change
  • Uncover practical solutions to problems
  • Glimpse and understand the patient viewpoint
  • Learn about leading-edge innovation
  • Meet like-minded peers, build your professional network and exchange information
  • Elevate your confidence
  • Benefit from product highlights from vendors and interaction with their representatives
  • Explore the possibilities of emerging techniques and equipment
  • Refresh your excitement about diagnostic medicine 
  • Return to your workplace with new ideas and a refreshed attitude

Asmita Gillani, Executive Director, Accreditation Canada: Janice Nolan, Executive Director,  Programs, IQMH; Leslee Thompson, CEO, Accreditation Canada; and Bill Roberts, Master of Ceremonies enjoying the event.

With this most recent event, about 85 delegates spent two days in a beautiful ballroom in Toronto’s DoubleTree by Hilton hotel where all the opportunities listed above were delivered. The event was driven by an intention to provide a wide variety of speakers who each illuminated a different innovation in cancer diagnostics.  Led by Master of Ceremonies, Bill Roberts, we looked at cancer diagnostics from 12 distinct angles: 

  1. Cancer-associated antibody syndromes: optic nerve (head) to peripheral neuropathy (toe) review – Dr. Ron Booth
  2. Acting on Cancer Pathology Information: Bring Synoptic Reporting Data to Life – Dr. Aaron Pollett

Dr. Aaron Pollett illuminates how we can bring synoptic data to life. 

3. Utilization of Screening Tubes in Flow Cytometry Diagnostic Settings – Amr Rajab


A slide from Amr Rajab’s presentation on flow cytometry (Right).

4. The Emerging Role of Digital Diagnostics in Precision Medicine: Harnessing Data to Transform Patient Care – Dr. Denise Heaney

5. Advances in the Diagnosis of Myeloid Neoplasms – Dr. David Good

6. Innovations in Pediatric Oncology: Little patients, big impact and challenges – Dr. Meredith Irwin


A slide from Dr. Irwin’s presentation on pediatric cancer innovation

7. Waste Not, Want No. Extracting Big Data From Surprising Places – Dr. Scott Boerner and Sylvie Grenier

8. Digital pathology, genomics and cell free DNA testing: new ways of helping patients and studying cancer– Dr. David Huntsman

9. A Multiple Myeloma Mystery – Karim Bhaloo

10. The Human Microbiome and Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention...Inconceivable, or Not? – Malcolm Kendall

A slide from Malcolm Kendall’s presentation on the human microbiome.

11. CRISPR Technologies: The Path to New Cancer Treatments and Precision Diagnosis – Dr. Jennifer Mitchell

12. Re-Thinking Cervical Screening in Ontario – Dr. Joan Murphy

The event was punctuated with:

  • An introduction by Jeff Sumner, President of IQMH
  • An exciting visit by Leslee Thompson, CEO of Accreditation Canada and Health Standards Organization

Leslee Thompson, CEO, Accreditation Canada/HSO, announces the partnership of Accreditation Canada/HSO and IQMH.

The final punctuation was an inspiring patient panel featuring Ashley Farrelly from Cancer Care Ontario, terminal cancer patient and loving gentleman Randall Conrod, Process Analyst Debbie Kerr, Litigation Analyst Melissa Gomes and Stand-up Comic Hannah Senitt.

Delegates Judy Sherman-Jones and Allen Howe

Some of the exhibitors


IQMH offers gratitude to the 21 talented speakers who took the time to prepare and present at this unique event, to those who attended, to our sponsors and to our staff who worked energetically to create this event. Together, we created something great. 

The following sponsors were vital contributors to this event:

Gold Sponsor: Roche Diagnostics. (Product highlight: NAVIFY Tumor Board presented by Dan Tiber.)

Silver Sponsor: BD Canada (Product highlight: The impact of standardized flow assay on leukemia and lymphoma diagnostics presented by Lori Apoll and Sylvain Gimmig.)

Exhibit Floor Sponsors: Telcor, Paradigm3, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hologic Canada and Leica Biosystems




In 2020, the IQMH Centre for Education will host another event with an exciting new theme and intention; details will be available soon.


Dr. Aaron Pollett illuminates how we can bring synoptic data to life.

3. Utilization of Screening Tubes in Flow Cytometry Diagnostic Settings – Amr Rajab

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