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Tidying up following the 5S Method

By Editor on 4/8/2019

Our IQMH Quality Team kicked off the year with a redesign of our Quality Team’s display board located in the staff kitchen. In keeping with the team’s objective to build awareness of Lean and some key methods and concepts in quality improvement, the team created a board to build awareness of the 5S Method. They have also scheduled monthly 5S events for 2019. We use the 5S method to help set our workplace in order and the IQMH Quality Team strives to make 5S a way of life with regularly scheduled 5S events.

5S Method – Key Concepts

Sort – Eliminate what is not needed.

Set in Order – Organize what remains

Shine – Clean work area

Standardize - Schedule cleaning and maintaining

Sustain – Make 5S a way of life

Monthly 5S Events

The Quality Team has conducted one 5S event each month since the inception of the team in 2012. An email is sent to all staff reminding them that we have a 5S event scheduled on the morning of the event and a second email is sent prompting staff to begin the 5S event. Scheduling a designated time for these events encourages staff to stop what they’re doing and allow time for mindfulness.

The Quality Team suggests areas that need attention, for example cleaning up records according to our record retention schedule. Staff spend approximately one hour 5S-ing.

We’d love to hear what you do in your facility to promote quality improvement and Lean and we’ll be happy to share your story.

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