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IQMH bids farewell to a valuable retiring member of the team – Shelly Rowe

By Editor on 12/3/2018

On November 30th, IQMH bid farewell to Shelly Rowe, Supervisor, Information Services. Shelly joined our small dedicated Information Services team in 2000 and has been an integral part of our evolution from LPTP to QMP–LS and to IQMH. She has also played an important role in the technological transformations in the way we deliver our services.

As the Quality Management Program — Laboratory Services evolved into IQMH, Information Services led the way, transitioning the way we worked from a paper-based survey method that relied on manual data entry, printing and shipping of hardcopy reports that would be stored in facility binders to an electronic, paperless mode of service delivery using web-based forms, Internet submission and data capture, proprietary software programs, electronic reports and the use of a secure document portal.  Shelly was an integral part of the team that made these developments and quality improvements happen. She ensured the right people were empowered to contribute and develop their expertise enhancing our service delivery and maintaining the security of our data.

IQMH recognizes integrity as a valuable quality and we try to model it in our programs. After all our mission is to elevate the integrity of the medical diagnostic testing system by providing rigorous, objective, third-party evaluation according to international standards. As an organization that follows the principles of the quality management system, internal and external audits, incident reports, HelpDesk cases, Lean projects are a way of life for us. We always try to shine a light on opportunities for improvement. As a champion of quality improvement and a member of the IQMH Quality Team, Shelly embodies the best qualities of a leader and team member when it comes to the quality culture. Shelly’s personal integrity compels her to do the right thing when no one is looking, when no one is auditing. Shelly has a quiet professional calm in the face of problems and always strives to be objective and focused on the essentials. She has left her mark on many projects ensuring objectives are met, recognizing opportunities for quality improvement.

Participants will know Shelly as the voice of IQMH on our phone system or as the go-to person for help with their QView™ sites but she is much more than this to her colleagues on the management team, in the Information Services department, in Corporate Services serving our internal customers in the Centre for Proficiency Testing, Centre for Accreditation and the Centre for Education. Shelly is and always will be someone who always does the right thing. As well, she is a loyal, trustworthy friend to her colleagues providing a warm and friendly harbour in a storm. As a cherished member of the IQMH family, she will be missed.

We wish her all the best as she pursues her passions for great literature, lively discussion, the appreciation and creation of art, and the exploration of new and interesting destinations.

While we bid farewell to one member of IQMH, we welcome a new addition to the IQMH team Mihai Chiriac who has accepted the challenging role of Manager, Information Technology. 



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