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Method codes maintenance application in QView™

By Editor on 4/25/2016

Method codes maintenance is the responsibility of each participant and is essential to ensure your laboratory’s results are assessed and that the assessment occurs against the right data group. The Method Codes Maintenance application in QView™ is for your use at any time to review the correctness and completeness of your method information.

To access the Method Codes Maintenance application, login to QView™ and click on Method Codes under Applications. 

The purpose of this application is to help you maintain your method information (instruments/reagents/analytical principles as well as therapeutic ranges, cut-off values or reference Intervals)  for the tests your laboratory performs on our PT surveys. It is not a comprehensive nor current list of your test licences.

Some methods are not included in the method maintenance application but are collected on the analysis worksheet at the time the survey data is collected. The decision to collect and maintain method information centrally is based on the need for IQMH to know the methods currently in use, as for HEMA LD surveys, or if there is a large number of analytes and associated methods on an analysis worksheet, as for CHEM surveys.

How to maintain method code information

There are instructions in the Method Code Application on how to make changes to your principle, measurement system and reagent source, if needed under Help.

When should my lab perform method maintenance?

The rules for test method maintenance are:

  • If you are updating or replacing an existing instrument/method, use EDIT to change the current method components for the analyte. You will usually only ever have one method per analyte,so the Method # will remain at 1.
  • If you have added a test to your scope that requires a method, select the Add Test Method option, to define the method information for the new analyte. The Method # will be 1. If you forget to do this, your results may not be assessed.
  • If you have purchased a new instrument and purchased an enrolment in a survey so that you will be participating in PT for more than one instrument, select the Add Test Method option, to define the method information for the analytes to be tested on the new instrument. In this case the Method # will be 2, or 3.
  • If you have deleted a test licence and want to remove the method information from the QView™ application, you will need to contact the Consultant Technologist to make the method inactive.

When you press Save a popup will explain how IQMH will review and process your request and ask for confirmation.

If you have questions at any time regarding method code maintenance, please contact the Consultant Technologist by phone or email.

Telephone: 416-323-9540



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