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Elevating the profile of IQMH volunteers

By Editor on 4/10/2015

IQMH brings together experts in the field of laboratory medicine in order to elevate confidence in the healthcare system.

The IQMH Centre for Proficiency Testing Scientific Committees are composed of physicians, technologists and scientists who provide advice to IQMH regarding the fundamental design of Proficiency Testing surveys and ensure that clinically-relevant selection of challenges and appropriate performance evaluation are developed and implemented each year.

In an innovative effort to bring the laboratory community together, Accreditation Assessors work together as peer assessors for the IQMH Centre for Accreditation. This allows laboratories to learn from one another and forge new relationships. Assessors gain insight into how other laboratories work, develop a detailed understanding of the ISO 15189 standard and help other medical laboratories improve their processes and procedures.

IQMH is grateful for the commitment and support of the medical laboratory community and thanks all the volunteers who donate their time and valuable expertise to our programs.

This month, IQMH recognizes Tracy Martin, MLT and Hematology Charge Technologist at Health Sciences North/Horizon Santé-Nord who serves IQMH as a volunteer and member of the IQMH Hematology Scientific Committee.

Tracy Martin, MLT, Hematology Scientific Committee member

Tracy MartinIn 2013 I applied for a position on the Hematology Scientific Committee upon the recommendation of one the Hematopathologists at Health Sciences North. He left the “job posting” on my desk with a note saying that I would be perfect for the job! As a Certified OLA assessor and Hematology Charge Technologist, I was familiar with QMP–LS (IQMH) and OLA but never thought much about the role of the Scientific Committee, let alone applying for a position as a member. Thinking that I had nothing to lose, I sent in my résumé and a few months later I was recruited as a member of the Hematology Scientific Committee. I was thrilled to have the opportunity with this new adventure and very nervous at the same time. The Medical Director, managers and co-workers at HSN were also very happy to see someone from Northern Ontario be chosen as a committee member.

In September 2013, I was very excited to attend my first committee meeting and meet the other members. I was welcomed with open arms and the nervousness dissipated almost immediately after meeting began. I recall being in awe of the committee members (Consultant Technologists, Hematopathologists, Medical Technologists) and the knowledge around the table. I learned so much during that first meeting leaving there feeling fulfilled, refreshed and energized. And I have been able to use my knowledge in hematology to contribute to the Committee Comments, abstracts and reviews.

I would like to thank Dr. Bruce Patterson for the recommendation, without you I wouldn’t have had this wonderful opportunity. I would also like to thank the members of the Hematology Scientific Committee for welcoming me into their “family.” It is a pleasure and an honour to work with each of you. I always look forward to attending the meetings, as I know that I will learn so much from you. (I think they look forward to having me too, not only for my contributions, but because I always bring home-made fudge!)

As a committee member, I have gained additional respect within my laboratory. I benefit from knowing that I am making a valuable difference in laboratories throughout Ontario and beyond. The knowledge that I gain as a member of the committee helps to develop my career and gives me the confidence to bring process improvements home to my own laboratory.

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