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Christine Fleming to retire as Senior Consultant Technologist, Centre for Proficiency Testing, Microbiology

By Editor on 2/24/2015

Christine Fleming, Senior Consultant Technologist – Centre for Proficiency Testing, Microbiology

Effective March 31, 2015, after 21 years of service as the Consultant Technologist for microbiology, Christine Fleming will officially retire from the IQMH Centre for Proficiency Testing.

Christine joined IQMH in 1994 as a consultant technologist for the Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program (LPTP). As LPTP evolved into Quality Management Program—Laboratory Services (QMP–LS), Christine assumed more responsibility as Senior Consultant Technologist for the Centre for Proficiency Testing. In collaboration with the Microbiology Scientific Committee, she has been responsible for planning, designing, developing, organizing and implementing the microbiology proficiency testing programs, providing training and advice in Center for Proficiency Testing processes and procedures, being a liaison between Proficiency Testing and Information Services in the development of IT solutions to facilitate laboratory performance assessments. She has authored or co-authored articles in peer-reviewed journals and delivered presentations at national and international scientific conferences. She has contributed to numerous QMP–LS Reviews, Consensus Practice Recommendations and educational reports.

In addition to her role at IQMH, Christine worked as a volunteer with other organisations in the development of clinical laboratory standards and recommendations, such as Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute GP-35-A Development and Use of Quality Indicators for Process Improvement and Monitoring of Laboratory Quality – approved Guideline and Recommendations from the Clostridium difficile Infection Working Group. She was also on the Clinical Association for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (CACMID) board as a councillor.

Prior to joining us, Christine worked for 14 years at the Public Health Laboratories in Kingston and Toronto in several roles including Chief Technologist for bacteriology at the Central Public Health Laboratory.

Her achievements are too numerous to list and include her work with Dr. Allison McGeer and the late Dr. Donald Low, among others, in helping to track antibiotic resistant pathogens in Ontario, and her international work as a member of a Canadian delegation led by the late Dr. Harry Richardson that assisted in the rebuilding of the Public Health Laboratory in post-war Kosovo.

Christine, we thank you for your hard work, dedication, and the wisdom you brought us and for the significant contributions you have made in improving the quality of laboratory practice in microbiology. You will be missed greatly!

Christine Fleming with her grandchildren

Christine with her grandchildren – Callum, Grant and Liam – three wonderful reasons to retire (and a fourth coming soon)!



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Hope your enjoying well deserved retirement. Was a pleasure to work with you.


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