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Cause Analysis with Clarity

Target Audience
Medical laboratory, diagnostic imaging, management and collection centre personnel at all levels.

June 5–6, 2019 IQMH Office, Toronto
September 23–24, 2019 IQMH Office, Toronto
November 28–29, 2019
IQMH Office, Toronto

To register and attend this course at the IQMH Office in Toronto, select a date below:

IQMH office, 393 University Avenue, Suite 1500

$695 (+tax)

  • Completion of the course results in a certificate of attendance, successful completion of the optional exam will result in a certificate of completion.
  • No refunds/no cancellations. All course materials and lunches are included in the fee.
  • A limited number of 16 seats will be available.
  • To transfer your paid registration to another person, for the same course date purchased, please contact info@iqmh.org.


A two-day offering with a vision to provide clarity to cause analysis. Our goal is to tie together cause analysis processes that may be disparate in some organizations or confusing to some individuals. For example, many laboratories have distinctly separate processes for proficiency testing discordant findings, accreditation findings, safety incidents, complaints and patient occurrences/near misses. This seminar will tie these together and link them to one fundamental approach so that cause analysis is done systematically, consistently, completely and ultimately leads to improvements and mitigation of risk. 

The first day of the seminar will cover theory of cause analysis, the patient perspective, and the relationship between risk management and cause analysis. The second day will provide practical application for the effective investigation of discordant proficiency testing findings, both quantitative and qualitative, and the effective investigation of accreditation findings.


At the end of the seminar, participants will have received expert guidance and training on the following:

  • Overview of occurrence management and non-conformities
  • The process for the investigation of non-conformities
  • Remember to consider the patient perspective
  • Cause analysis theory: definitions and guiding philosophy
  • Gathering information
  • Clarity and specific medical laboratory use of the tools for cause analysis: 
    • What’s the difference between all the various diagrams, graphs and charts?
    • How are they used? 
    • Which ones are best? 
  • Relationship of non-conformities and cause analysis to risk management
  • Distinguishing between systems, knowledge and behavior causes
  • Corrective actions and follow-up of effectiveness
  • Effective investigation of quantitative PT discordant findings
  • Effective investigation of accreditation findings
  • Understanding how the above tie together and link to one fundamental approach 


The course is designed and delivered by two expert trainers from IQMH, one with a strong accreditation background, the second a consultant technologist specializing in Chemistry. Delivery techniques will utilize real examples to illustrate the concepts presented, combined with case studies that allow the participants to apply the skills learned. 

Optional Exam

A multiple-choice exam can be completed following the seminar. Participants are required to indicate interest in the exam on registration. Certificates for individuals choosing this option will indicate successful completion of the exam. All other participants will receive a certificate of attendance. 


"I found the course to be very useful in two ways. For those not aware of the process for cause analysis, it was a great way for them to understand the process and why we take the steps we do. For those of us involved in cause analysis on a regular basis, it provided a great overall review and provide ideas to bring efficiency and effectiveness to our own cause analysis processes."

"I found the course very useful.

The material consolidated knowledge I have learned over my time as a manager from different sources and brought it all together in a step by step process.

Being from a small hospital I seem to “wear many hats”; these tools are required for performing my functions within my organization.

I will be using the course material in future to assist my co-workers and I to find the correct causes to errors, coming from a point of view of curiosity, and working to put in place solutions to assist all staff from making similar mistakes where ever possible."

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